About Us

welcome to beyond vegans!

Hi, I’m Saudia. Here on Beyond Vegans, we would like it to be known that we fully support and believe in animal rights and we do not purchase, use or endorse, animal by-products!

Our goal is to educate aspiring vegans and or vegan families, that holistic health consists of mind, body, and spirit.

We find that applying spiritual awareness in daily life is of primary importance and is the one principle most often neglected in regard to food. For example, some teachings suggest that diet is the only answer. On the other hand, certain individuals refuse to have anything to do with food consciousness because they feel that spiritual teachings are superior. We recognize both aspects: the spirit teaches about correct diet/lifestyle, and good diet/lifestyle support a spiritual practice.

Enjoy insights, and tips for living your best health and wellness lifestyle fearlessly. 

“Everything you put on or in your body either; feeds dis-ease or fights dis-ease.”

– the choice is yours –
Saudia Green