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welcome to beyond vegans™!

Saudia Green was born and raised in Southern California, she currently residents in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her two teenager boys, and husband. While Saudia is a full-time mother and wife, Saudia is also a full-time Entrepreneur, Creator, and CEO of Beyond Vegans, LLC™. She is serving the Hampton Roads area as a lifestyle Influencer, certified plant-based sports nutritionist, self-made plant-based chef.

Saudia’s goal in her community and here on beyondvegans.com is to educated aspiring vegan families that eating plant-based, and living cruelty-free can be rewarding for your family, in helping build or re-building family communication, bringing togetherness, and more.

The Green Family have been vegans for more than eight years, so Saudia’s end goal is to encourage vegan and curious non-vegans families that living a preventative healthy lifestyle in mind, body, spirit, ethically, environmentally is taking care of yourself first, your loved ones, the animals, and beautiful Mother Nature.

Thank you for visiting beyondvegans.com now go along and enjoy insights, recipes, and tips for living your best health and wellness lifestyle fearlessly. 

I can’t equals you CAN.”

 “It’s Impossible equals It’s POSSIBLE.” 

– the choice is yours –
Saudia Green