Beyond Vegans – Family Mission Statement

Family Mission Statement

Grab your pen and paper. No desktops, no laptops, and no cell phones.

Lifestyle Change

If you are a non-vegan family, and you seriously have concerns and want a lifestyle change, and you want your entire family to transitions into Veganism. It will benefit you and your family to have a shared vision of family values, plans, and goals as they relate to the current and future functioning of the family. The family mission statement means merely spelling out, in writing, why you want to be a vegan family and what “being vegan” means to your family. So, grab your pen and paper. No desktops, no laptops, and no cell phones. Nothing, but a pen and paper. When we put our energy into thinking and writing down our goals, we manifest and turn our goals into reality. The family seeing the vegan family mission written down on paper will have a powerful effect on everyone’s mind. Here are some of the questions my family asked each other while we were creating our vegan family mission statement.

What expectations

What exceptions, if any, will we set as a family? Birthday parties? Family & Friend cookouts? Girls night out? Guys night out? School parties? Not offending your host’s cultural foods when traveling to foreign countries?

Draw the line

Will we draw the line at some dairy, no eggs? No eggs, some dairy? Or No eggs, no dairy?

being vegan

Does being vegan mean eating vegan at home, and mostly vegan at school, work, and travel? Or strickly cruelty-free eats?


This vegan family mission statement was designed by me to help families keep, strengthen, or bring unity within the home. This family exercise will help with holding each other accountable, promoting structure, trust, honesty, togetherness, and communication. Moving as a Unit is the end goal.

Does it?

Does it extend beyond food to clothing, hygiene products, skincare, beauty, and cleaning products?

family members

Does it extend beyond human family members to pets?

are we?

Are we still going to eat honey?

don’t stop there

You can add more questions to this list, or you can leave it as is.

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