Vegan Street Tacos





Our signature Beyond Vegans™ Vegan Street Tacos is 100% plant-based, organic, and free from all animal by-products.

Stone ground whole kernel corn shells

Pinto Beans

Roma tomatoes

Vegans pepper jack cheese


Red onions

Green chiles

Yellow onions

Fresh Cilantro

Fresh Lime

Saudia’s homemade Southern Cali Taco Seasoning & Spice blend.

Served with Saudia’s Homemade Mild Vegan Cheese Sauce on the side.

Sidenotes: Organic ingredients, Gluten-Free Shells, and Soy-Free.

3 Street Tacos $12  Meal Tax, Sale Tax, Delivery Fee is included in the price.

Delivery Cities: Virginia Beach and Norfolk


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